Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bid and win Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 mobile phone

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 mobile phone at dealite.in. All you have to do is go and bid at this site, visit this page

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 the Android 2.3 smartphone price in India
After registration, go ahead and buy bids for this phone. There are all types of instructions and frequently asked questions over there. Even you can there customer assistance team in India to know about the details on how to bid. They have also offers where you can get iphone 4s for just 1500 rupees, Blackberry phones at 700 rupees, Samsung Galaxy tabs at 2840 rupees, just go ahead and bid and win. Now I have started doing this and will keep on doing till I buy all my long awaited gadgets.

I am happy that just like other countries, sites in other countries are also hosting these types of deals. I know that the site owner is making money with bids bought by us but that's nothing when a person wins the bid and gets his/her product delivered at the doorstep. Auction is starting sharp at February 1, 2012 at 9:52 AM so buy your bids in advance so that you can bid maximum and get your favorite mobile phone or a laptop or a tablet whatever you want. Enjoy.

Here is the latest deal

PS: One more thing, I would like to add and that is this site is really good. Here everyone is a winner just because if you don't win the bid, then also you will get the product or item at discounted rates.