Saturday, August 20, 2011

VoIP Gateways: Addressing, Routing, RSVP, ATM

Voip Addressing: Taking again the example of an intranet with IP addressing, we could see that the voice interfaces appear as additional IP hosts, as extensions of existing numbering scheme or as new IP addresses.

The translation of the dialed digits to the host IP PBX are made by means of the numbering plan. The destination phone number or any part of this is linked to the destination IP address. When the number is received from the PBX router compared with those who have already been linked with an IP address and are listed in the routing table, if any match the call will be routed to the IP host to which this related, after the connection is established, a link to the intranet is transparent to the subscriber.

Voip Routing: One of the strengths of IP is the sophistication and development of their routing protocols. A modern routing protocol like EIGRP, is able to take into account the delay for each of the possible paths that can take the package and determine the best route you can follow. Advanced features such as the use of routing policies and use of access list (access lists), makes it possible to create highly secure routing schemes for voice traffic.

RSVP: Can be used by VoIP gateways, so as to ensure that traffic will go through the net for the best and shortest way, this may include segments of networks such as ATM or switched LANs. Some of the most important developments are IP routing, development of so-called tag switching and IP switching other techniques.

The sample tag into widespread switching IP routing, policies and capabilities of RSVP over ATM and other transport high. Another benefit of the tag switching is the traffic handling capacity, which is necessary for efficient use of network resources. The traffic management (traffic engineering) can be used to shift the burden of this in different sectors of the network based on different predictions depending on time of day.

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