Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ideas for Networking Research Paper

When we talk about research in networking, let me tell you there are different domains in networking and each domain in itself is huge like switching, routing, security, VOIP, and network management. Which layer in OSI model interests you the most depends on you but anyways following ideas I can give:

1. (Routing) - Develop an algorithm on as to how you can transfer a packet from one wireless base station to another in a different network in minimum round trip time.

2. (Switching) - develop a s/w and h/w asic that would enable fast switching in a switch between ports.

3. VoIP - develop a unique algorithm that would compress voice packet from 64 kbps (G711) to maybe 2-3 Kbps per sec. Can we do it?

4. Network Security - enforce security policy in network and push it to OS level (kernel), so that network elements can take action right at the OS (maybe blocking it or shutting down the PC)

5. Or maybe take up the industry standard VOIP protocols and then find their drawbacks and work on improving them, for example MGCP, Megaco, SIP, H.323 protocols.

Finally if you want to add some spice in your networking research paper, then how about adaptive learning by network and then find a shorter path by doing a heuristic search, etc.

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