Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Connecting LAN and Internet on Network

Problem: I have a 5 desktop PC & a VOIP router. I have Cable Internet Connection. This Internet cable is connected to switcher and all PCs also connected to switcher. My Internet Connection is configured in one system. Now I get Internet on all 5 systems, but I can't connect LAN when I configured IP in these systems and then LAN working but Internet cannot be connected. Please give me solution. I want to connect LAN as well as Internet on all these systems

Reply: Your internet connection is of single user connection and you need multiple user connections.

Problem:  That is true but when I removed IP, then I was able to connect Internet in all systems.

Reply:  When you are using internet sharing:
Step 1: Connect your router to single machine via cross cable.
Step 2: Browse your router in internet explorer.
Step 3: configure the IP address of your LAN series and add the gateway address your internet sharing machine.
Step 4: Add DNS server and then remove the router and connect to your switch and check it and reply me.
Step 5: You can install a proxy server in one machine and give the IP address of this machine to all the machine as proxy server in IE options. It should work.

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  1. Αn imρreѕsive shaгe! Ӏ've just forwarded this onto a friend who has been doing a little homework on this.


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