Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Buying an Ipad - Yes or NO

Are you stuck between yes or no for buying a new ipad? Do you think ipad is worth enough your money? Are you going to use ipad for your business?

Have a look at this amazing video that is sure to be very informative on how ipad works and encourages one IPAD feature. How to Use Your iPad as a Touchscreen Monitor For Your Mac

Now after going through the above video if you are not satisfied, then my article via this link
Why Should I Buy An Apple Ipad? where I have listed all the advanced features, specs, characteristics of Ipad. Actually here I have done a complete review of Ipad.

Now after going through this, let me know what all you want integrated into the new IPAD. Who knows, may be Apple is just holding off until the next release next year. Apple has been known to do this to create a viral hype before launching any new product for example iPhone or iPhone 2.

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