Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advantages of voice over IP technology

* Include on your intranet as a voice service over its network, as other IT services.

* The network IP networks are universal standard for the Internet, intranets and extranets.

* Standards effective (H.323)

* Interoperability of different suppliers

* Use of existing data networks

* The independence of transport technologies (layer 2), ensuring investment.

* Lower cost alternative technologies (voice over TDM, ATM, Frame Relay)


1. the voice and data networks are essentially different. The voice and fax networks, which use circuit switching, are characterized by:

* To start the connection establishment must make the call.

* Reserved network resources throughout the duration of the connection.

* It uses a fixed bandwidth (typically 64 Kbps per voice channel) that can be eaten or not, depending on traffic.

* Prices are usually based on time of use.

* The suppliers are subject to industry standards and regulated and controlled by the relevant authorities (in our case, the Ministry of Development and Market Commission of Telecommunications).

* The service should be universal to all the state level.

* By contrast, data networks based on packet switching, are identified by the following characteristics:

* To ensure delivery of required routing data packets, without requiring the establishment of call.

* The consumption of network resources is done according to need, without, in general, be reserved following a criterion of end to end.

* Prices are formed solely on the basis of competitive tension in supply and demand.

* Services are provided according to the criteria imposed by demand, varying widely in geographical coverage, speed of the technology used and conditions of service.

* Deploying a converged network involves studying the differences between the characteristics of voice networks and data, understanding the technical problems involved in such differences without losing sight for one moment the end user perspective.


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